What is Faith Haus?
Faith Haus is an adult family home that helps meet the healthcare, personal care and socialization needs of disabled adults, chronically ill and elderly adults in the Sauk County Area.  We provide a quality of life for adults who might otherwise not be able to be cared for at home.  Our main goals: to help individuals maintain their independence and highest functional level; and to provide families with respite and reassurance that their loved ones are in a safe and caring environment, if that care is needed.

What type of people live at Faith Haus?
It varies.  Residents include those who need to be monitored for health concerns; are recovering from hospital care; or need socialization, activities and continued interaction.  It can be a beneficial environment that encourages independence, autonomy and the ability to live in a community within a community.

What do Resdients do each day?
Faith Haus provides for both the individual health, social and personal care needs of each resident as needed.  Healthcare includes administering medications, health education and working with personal care teams.  Personal care includes daily living activities, such as showering, hair and nail care.  Faith Haus not only cares for the physical needs of clients, it cares for their emotional and social needs as well.  We believe an active mind is a healthy mind and we offer numerous activities in the course of the day, such as cards, games, exercise, community outings and much more.

How many people live at Faith Haus?
Faith Haus adult family home can provide living for up to four (4) residents.  It can be a permanent residence or a short term (respite) residence.  

How does someone enroll in the Faith Haus Adult Family Home?
It’s easy!  It just takes a phone call to the program at 608-8258270.  We will ask you a number of questions and set up a time to meet.  Each individual’s needs will be identified and assessed and then we'll assist with the transition to move in.


Who staffs the program?
The program is supervised by our Health Services Coordinator.  Direct care is provided by CNA’s and/or CBRF state certified and trained professionals.

431 Water Street, Suite 105
Prairie Du Sac, WI 53578

Phone:     608-370-8488